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mina n : tropical Asian starlings [syn: myna, mynah, minah, myna bird, mynah bird] [also: minae (pl)]

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see mina


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  1. A given name, short for Wilhelmina.

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  • "Mina", given name for males. In Arabic, etymologically it comes from the word "Amen" in Coptic language.
  • "Mina", given name for males in Egypt. It is the name of the first pharaoh in Egypt, also called Menes
  • "Mina", is a given name for females in Japanese.
  • "Mina", means "everyone; all" in the Japanese language.
  • "Mina", means "to laugh; smile" in the Ainu language.
  • "Mína", is a shortened version of Spanish female given name "Guillermina".
  • "Mina", given name for females in Korean; the meaning of the name can vary depending on used hanja.
  • "Mina", given name for females. In Persian, it means azure and daisy flower.
  • "Mina", given name for females in Nepal and India.
  • "Mina", given name for females in Greek.
  • "Mina", given name for females in Turkish; the meaning of the name is sky.
  • "Mina", means "I" in the Estonian language.
  • "Mina", means "precious" in the Nepalese language
  • "Mina", means "love" in Pashto (an Afghan language)
  • "Mina", is slang for "chick" or "gal" in Argentina.
  • "Mina", means "love" in Old German (another way of spelling is "Minna")
  • "Mina", is a shortened version of German female given name "Wilhelmina".
  • "Mina", means "precious stone" in Hindi.
  • "Mina", family name in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan (although wrongly used, particularly by Muslims and non-Copts)
  • "Mina", means "sea port" in Arabic language
  • "Mina", means "mine" in Spanish
  • "Mina", as in a "mine shaft" in Portuguese
  • "Mina", means "(land-) mine" in Serbian.
  • "Mina", means fish in Hindi.
  • "Mina", means explosive mine in Italian, Swedish, Czech, and Russian ["мина"].
  • "Mina", means 'facial expression' in Polish.

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  • Myna, a type of bird.
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